This category includes the products needed to maintain and clean your tableware and kitchenware. The products should be chosen according to the materials or surface to be cleaned.

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Hagerty offers various cleaning methods. Depending on the object, you can choose to clean in the form of a bath, paste, foam or lotion (for hotplates). In addition, we offer various impregnated protective covers to keep your silverware in good condition and to delay oxidation.


The various silver cleaning products:

- The bath (Silver Bath) offers a thorough cleaning of silver objects. This product is perfect for cleaning your silverware, it is very easy to use and contains a basket in which to place the silverware which is directly immersed in the exclusive Hagerty formula. Your items will be shiny again in just a few minutes.

- The paste (Silver Care) allows a thorough maintenance of your silverware thanks to its mechanical action. The product is supplied with a sponge for easy cleaning. Make sure to rinse the object well after cleaning.

- The foam (Silver & Multimetal Foam) cleans and maintains silver, silver metal, pewter and steel. The foaming paste protects against oxidation for several weeks and removes dirt from silver.

- The lotion (Cooktop Care) makes it easy to clean ceramic and induction hobs. It removes grease stains and residues without damaging the surface.

- The Silver Guard allows you to protect silver objects after they have been cleaned. The impregnated cotton fabric protects your silver objects and silverware from oxidation and tarnishing. Different sizes are available.


All products have an almost instant effect and do not cause micro-scratches or marks on the cleaned metal or surface. Objects are clean and shiny again.


Shine, maintain and care for tableware and kitchenware with Hagerty cleaning products.