14 July 2022

Cleaning steps to a successful move out

Multi Surface Care

Moving house is not an easy task. In addition to having to organise yourself, transport your furniture and deal with all the administrative changes, you must not forget to clean up before handing over the keys to the next tenant.

You can, of course, hire a cleaning company to make the job easier, but for those who want to do it themselves, we recommend that you contact your friends and family to help you out. We tend to underestimate the time that clean-ups can take, so the more of you there are, the quicker it will be completed.


How do you clean your house when you move?

Draw up a cleaning schedule

To be efficient and ready in time, we advise you to plan your cleaning. Organisation is the key to success. Assign specific tasks to each available person, from room to room, starting with the one that is least needed (such as a small bedroom or the cellar). 

As for the equipment required, you will need the basics: sponges, rags, towels, a broom, a hoover, household products, a bucket, a mop and refuse bags. If you need to do some DIY, don't forget your toolbox.

Don't forget to bring drinks and food. After all, there's nothing better than a good aperitif after so much effort! Your friends will appreciate it, especially those for whom housework is a chore. 

Once you have a plan, start cleaning the house!


In what order should you clean your house?

Whether large or small, will require the same cleaning. Below is a list of the most important rooms (or furniture) to clean.


Cleaning the bathroom

Start by removing limescale or limescale stains. Use the appropriate product and scrub the surfaces where deposits remain (shower heads, taps, shower walls, etc.).

Continue by cleaning your sink and shower. Then proceed to clean the mirror and any shower glass.

To clean your bathroom, we suggest you choose the Hagerty microfibre glove trio. One will allow you to take care of your windows and mirrors, the other of your bathroom tiles or ceramics and the last of your steel and stainless steel taps. 

Finish by using a detergent to unblock your pipes (washbasin, bath or shower) and for your toilet, then leave the products to work for 2 hours before rinsing. Your bathroom will be sparkling.


Cleaning the kitchen 

Next, move on to the kitchen. Before you can clean your fridge and freezer, you will need to defrost them (24 hours before cleaning). Then move on to cleaning your shelves and cupboards.

The most complex part will be the cooker. Degrease and clean your oven, your ventilation hood and your cooking plates. Then scrub the countertops well to remove any stubborn stains. You will then need to clean the sink and taps. 

For all steel or stainless steel surfaces, Hagerty suggests using White Metal Polish, which will restore the shine to your surfaces (sink, fridge, ventilation hood, etc.). For hobs, use Cooktop Care, which will remove persistent grease stains and care for glass-ceramic. 

Finally, don't forget the dishwasher. Clean the filter and the inside of the dishwasher thoroughly and don't hesitate to run an empty programme to give it a final good rinse.  


Cleaning windows and blinds 

Cleaning windows means cleaning the panes, window sills and rails, as well as blinds. This is a more time-consuming task than you might think. 

Get the right cleaning products to be as efficient as possible and be organised. Start with the blinds or shutters. Then move on to the frames and grooves, then the window sills. Then clean the windows (from top to bottom) and dry them well. 

Think about your safety. Don't hesitate to use a telescopic handle to clean high windows. 

For window and glass care, Hagerty offers Crystal Clean, a cleaning spray that removes dirt, grease and fingerprints. 


Cleaning door handles 

We tend to forget this detail, but don't hesitate to give your door handles, window handles or stair railings a good scrub. Whether it's stainless steel, brass or another metal, you'll find the right product in the Hagerty range.


Finish by cleaning the floors and carpets 

The last big step in cleaning your flat or house: the floors and carpets. Start by dusting everywhere and then vacuuming every corner.  Then mop all the floors in your home to remove any embedded stains. 

To clean wooden floors, use a mild product such as Hagerty Wood Care. For marble floors, choose a quick-drying shampoo that guarantees an anti-slip effect, such as Hagerty Marble Care. Finally, for natural stone floors, choose a product that does not cause marks, such as Hagerty Natural Stone Care.

If you have carpeting, get an injection-extraction machine (like Hagerty Blue H) and 5* Shampoo Concentrate. This hoover will remove dust, mites and stains trapped in the fabric. 

Don't forget to clean outdoor floors (balcony or terrace) and wall skirting, which often tend to be covered in dust. 


Now you know how to clean your house when you move. Do not hesitate to contact us for any other questions. Good luck!

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